The improvement of our students’ language skills is a priority for the high school in its outward-looking international perspective. Indeed, language learning ​​occupies a prominent place in the construction of citizenship and in the understanding of the current world. Moreover, the proficiency in one or more languages ​​has become indispensable concerning the employability of our young students, in France or abroad. The criterion of language often makes a difference.

It is because our high school considers today the mastery of languages as an asset for the future that it has implemented many strategies to improve the skills of the students in this field. 3 main axes have been developed:

- Consequent investment in high-performance podcasting equipment enabling teachers to prepare students for the oral exams of the Baccalauréat and the BTS  (technical degree) as well as the world of tomorrow.

- Integration of digital tools into languages classroom practices with teacher training for many software applications.

- Development of numerous cultural interdisciplinary projects focusing on foreign countries: school trips to England and Spain, Pan America Day in May 2017 ...

In the same vein, the school is currently working on obtaining the Erasmus + charter, which will enable our students to benefit from mobility programs abroad, essential today to improve their access to employment.